Guacamole – A great way to start a day.


Simply Unforgettable

Morning again…I come to the fridge, and, as some of you can understand, suddenly I see that I am missing butter for my toast. What to do, I ask myself? You always say you are a creative person, so IT IS TIME TO BE CREATIVE! Show your creativity in the real world!

I turn around, and I notice an avocado. It’s just there…It wants to be found…I have a feeling that it is even looking back at me. There it is! I found a solution to the problem! Make a nice Guacamole, I say to myself. It would be a great way to start a day. And no, I am not turning all Mexican on you, just trying to spice it up a little. I am sure there is nothing wrong with that!

So, my  hands grab the avocado, and get to work incredibly fast…I have to say, there is nothing that is easier, than making a Guacamole! And the amount that is left afterwards is enormous, so you can use it for the whole week…Freeze it if you want and save it for later! Guests, for example…Surprise them, by saying: “He hecho Guacamole sólo para ti…” Ok, ok, maybe my Spanish is not so good, but what can’t you do today in the age of technology=)))) So, blame the tech, if needed, but not me=)))


half an onion, 2 avocados, coriander leaves – a handful, ground chili- 1/2 teaspoon, salt – 1 teaspoon,  red tomatoes – 250 gr, lemon juice 5 ml.

The Works:

Dice the onion into small cubes, put what you got into a bowl and mix together with coriander leaves and salt. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes as well. Turn to avocados, cut them in half, get the nucleus out, work only with thee green soft stuff – the pulp, if you will.

Work with a fork, smash the pulp together in a bowl and add lemon juice later on. Invite in your tomatoes and onion mixture. Then, add ground chili and mix.

And now, it is time to be even more creative. Remember I told you to cut avocado in half? Yes, well, don’t throw away the halves. You can actually put Guacamole inside those and decorate it all with a piece of lemon on top. Serve up!

Of course, there are variations of this particular dish, but it is the one that I find easiest to make. Not only that, it is also very delicious! Agree?

Whether you put it on regular bread, or make a delightful tortilla’s dinner, it does not matter…Part of you will always feel Mexican afterwards=)


Feeling French…Preparing Crepes

Waking up today I felt an urge to sit outside, enjoy the weather while drinking a nice cup of tea. But, something was

Don't they remind you of France?

Don’t they remind you of France?

missing…Something not too sweet, but still, something that can help me to get connected to France in some way or another.

I went into the kitchen, and, to my great surprise, I found flour, eggs…all you need to make great crepes! Plus, I knew I had guests coming today in the evening, I just had to make a little treat for my awesome friends.


3 eggs, about 1/2 liter milk, 2 table spoons of mayonnaise (mayo actually helps crepes to become fluffier), sugar – 2-4 table spoons, optional to add a tea spoon of vanilla extract (would not make it worse), flour (this one add until you see your mixture becoming a lot like watery sour cream).

The Works:

Mix together eggs, milk, mayonnaise, sugar, vanilla extract. Gradually add in flour. I used mixer to mix all the ingredients, for me, modern technology makes things much easier. While you are mixing, heat up a frying pan on the stove. The pan has to be very hot when you start frying the mixture. When you are done adding all the ingredients, it is time to fry. Add a little bit of oil into the pan. Use a ladle to pour the mixture into the pan. Do not pour a lot of mixture in, for the crepe to be actually very thin. When you pour in the mixture, grab the frying pan and turn it in the air for a little bit, circular movements, the mixture has to be all over the pan, spread it evenly over it.

Let the mixture fry for about 2 minutes (the fire on the stove has to be medium to small), turn over and fry the other side. Once two sides are done, they should have golden color, you are done as well.

Congratulations and Bon Appetit!

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)

My Big Sushi World



So, its 7:40 in the morning, getting ready for work…but, can not stop thinking about my dream tonight. Yes, friends, I actually had a dream about sushi…Interesting, what uncle Froid would say?

What you see up top is my first time making sushi…Have to say big thanks to some friends of mine, who actually helped me to master the art of it. It was a great evening…You know, I discovered that while making sushi, the interactions that people have are binding. Even if something goes wrong, there are laughs and smiles all over the room. And, by the way, we also  made the sauces from mayo and paprika spices. I can say it truly was an authentic experience. Cannot wait to do it again. Sushi

Arivederchi till the next time…