Attention! Hot Chocolate on the way.

Nostalgia all around. I remembered the time working as a barista in Canada. It seems so many years have past since that time. I was working in a small cafe, really, a four by four square, but with a family-like atmosphere. Somehow, this place, even though it was small, was popular among Canadians. Too bad I cannot seem to recall the name of the cafe.

But, I will always remember the taste of a cup of hot chocolate. The manager even argued that this recipe came from Mexico, and the old Maya traditions. A part of me always wanted to believe him, especially when I drank it with such pleasure.  Unfortunatelly, my memory seems to be too short to remember the recipe itself, but one ingredient stands out for sure: Chili pepper. And one more thing, he insisted that all the ingredients for this chocolaty hot chocolate have to be of highest quality possible. * Not that it does not have to be the same for all other meals.

So I believe the recipe itself would look like this (or at least I would like it to look similar) This one has its zest, I can assure you.

Try me!

Try me!


Bitter chocolate (the one with high cacao percentage) – 100 g, 1 chili pepper. milk – 400 ml, vanilla sticks – 1, cinnamon sticks – 1,  brown sugar – 15 gr. *  add a little bit of cognac if you like – 20 ml.

The Works:

Break down the chocolate into small pieces.  Next, cut your vanillas sticks in half. Afterwards prepare yourself to battle with chili pepper. clean it out and slice also in half. Get all those guys together in a pot, poir in milk. Heat the party up, but don’t boil. Throw in sliced chocolate, decrease the heat on the stove and let the cookie crumble for about 10 minutes. Do not forget to stir!

The end result: Melted chocolate with even mixture in a pot. Get the spices out, if you don’t mind your chocolate’s level of spiciness to expand your sences, you can leave the chili till the end. However, if its something you stand against – get it out earlier than any other spice. Final step, add brown sugar (maybe even cognac, everything in accordance with your own taste), and serve.

Share this beauty with others or simply dive in yourself!

Enjoy with every sip!

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