I couldn’t, I just couldn’t pass this one by….

I know this is not exactly edible, but any woman in here will understand me when she sees this. And plus, kitchen is the place here you cook, so it seemed quite important to me to post this today. It turns out that kitchen is the place where I spent most of my free time, and it is of value to me that this place would be magical (as my food is, I like to believe), and most of all comfortable and inspiring to create my beauties in.

Talking about creativity! Anyone cooking in these kind of kitchens will probably get their muses for cooking every second! When I started living away from my parents, one of my dreams was to have a kitchen with an island. Man, how narrow my dreams were. I, for sure, want one of those now. Doesn’t really matter which one, they all look beautiful to me. The mix of modern design and the feeling of being at home. Well, maybe number 5 or 7 would actually fit me in the best way possible. They just seem more cozy.

Look at the one with piano on top. Not bad, huh? Maybe only I would write recipes instead of notes on the wall=) But, it is just me.

The morale of all this: These kind of designs would inspire me to cook even more.

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Have a great Thanksgiving and  Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

These two clashed together this year, huh?

Check it out for yourself:

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