Great Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Recipe

I am thinking to create something delicious this coming Friday…Thinking of surprising myself with meatball in a special sauce. Will report about the end-result (picture-wise), I promise. But, overall, I am sure that what what will turn out, will take me back to Italy…the place where I have fallen in love with meatball recipes. Great idea for a nice family dinner!

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit


2 onions, 500 gr of ground meat, 1 egg, 3 red peppers (not the spicy ones), 1 big carrot, 300 gr of rice, 1/2 liter of tomato juice, salt, black pepper and greens.

The Works:

Put the rice in cold water. Add 1 onion to the ground meat. Add also salt, black pepper, egg and mix it all together. Form small balls from the mixture you got. Fry them in a pan from both sides.

The other onion should be cut into small cubes, the carrot is waiting to be cut into circles, and red peppers into big cubes. The result is amazing because here it seems you get all the colors of the rainbow in one plate. It sure elevates your mood, doesn’t itSaute all the veggies together in a separate pan, until they become soft. 

Get the rice to those guys, spoil them with the tomato juice, put it on small fire and just wait until the party starts. Add water, and let it cook until the rice is ready. Then, other guests arrive, the meatballs, they all mix together, and dance on small fire for some time. Of course, you cover them with a lid.

I wish you a Happy Day!