My variation of Harcho soup (Georgian lamb soup)

Today, since I had a little bit of time before work, I needed something fast but tasty to make for dinner…So I came up with my own version of Harcho soup, which originally is made with lamb. But since, lamb is quite hard to come by, I have decided to again show my creative side and cross Italy and Georgia together. What I got is a colorful, tasteful. yet simple soup that can be made by everyone, including the beginners of cooking.

It is percicely this kind of soup that warms up your heart during the rainy season. Imagine coming home in the rain, setting up the table for dinner, and there it is… A HOT AND SPICY soup that warms up your whole body, starting from your toes…

The thing is, afterwards, you have almost no need to wash the dishes and waste your precious time…instead, you can curl up into a warm blanket and enjoy your free time.


Havea good evening

Havea good evening

3-4 tomatoes. 4 table spoons of tomato paste, 1 table spoon of butter, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 onions, 2-3 celery sticks, half a cup of rice, 2 medium carrots, parsley, green onion, red hot ground chili – depends on the level of “hotness” you want to achieve, salt, curry powder – 2 table spoons.

The Works:

Dice the onions, the tomatoes into small cubes. Chop up the celery  and the greens. Oh, and of course, don”t forget about your carrots and garlic! Take a big saucepan, heat it up nicely. Add the butter and let it melt for a while. You can add all the veggies in just when you hear the butter wispering…Let the party start! Add all the veggies (except for the greens), stir for several minutes…Then, take a half cup of rice and mix it in. Afterwards, you can relax a little bit, and let those guys talk to each other but only for a bit.. Pour in about a liter- litter and a half of water, and let it boil, let the rice cook. Do not forget to sprinkle your dish with parsley and green onions, add salt, tomato paste and chili. Wait for about 2 minutes and…it is…LEGEN..wait for it…DARY! LEGENDARY!