Feeling French…Preparing Crepes

Waking up today I felt an urge to sit outside, enjoy the weather while drinking a nice cup of tea. But, something was

Don't they remind you of France?

Don’t they remind you of France?

missing…Something not too sweet, but still, something that can help me to get connected to France in some way or another.

I went into the kitchen, and, to my great surprise, I found flour, eggs…all you need to make great crepes! Plus, I knew I had guests coming today in the evening, I just had to make a little treat for my awesome friends.


3 eggs, about 1/2 liter milk, 2 table spoons of mayonnaise (mayo actually helps crepes to become fluffier), sugar – 2-4 table spoons, optional to add a tea spoon of vanilla extract (would not make it worse), flour (this one add until you see your mixture becoming a lot like watery sour cream).

The Works:

Mix together eggs, milk, mayonnaise, sugar, vanilla extract. Gradually add in flour. I used mixer to mix all the ingredients, for me, modern technology makes things much easier. While you are mixing, heat up a frying pan on the stove. The pan has to be very hot when you start frying the mixture. When you are done adding all the ingredients, it is time to fry. Add a little bit of oil into the pan. Use a ladle to pour the mixture into the pan. Do not pour a lot of mixture in, for the crepe to be actually very thin. When you pour in the mixture, grab the frying pan and turn it in the air for a little bit, circular movements, the mixture has to be all over the pan, spread it evenly over it.

Let the mixture fry for about 2 minutes (the fire on the stove has to be medium to small), turn over and fry the other side. Once two sides are done, they should have golden color, you are done as well.

Congratulations and Bon Appetit!

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)