The Beauty of Foodoshop Layers – or how to cream up your life with a cake…

I have to confess something….I tried and tried to find those large shrimps for my upcoming Friday shrimp blast. But, the right ones seemed to have swam away from me…And, oh no, I did not find any…But, why the sadness? – I asked myself. I am sure I will prepare those shrimps someday in the nearest future.

So, I immediately thought of a calming dessert. A cake filled up with cream, dried apricots and nuts. Did I forget to mention – it has LAYERS! This was definitely the thing I was missing. I began my journey to the land of the layers.Image

First, I had to prepare dough. And what better than the dough for the shortcrust pastry?

I took 200 g of butter, 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar2 eggs and a little bit of water. And, I let myself dive into the world of “stickiness”. * I find it best to use your own hands in such situations, not only because it gets quite hard to mix the dough with a spoon, but also, it is he warmth of those hands that turns the food afterwards into a delicious magic.  Have to say that it took me a little while until I got dough with an even texture, but let me just note that it was all worth to wait. As a final step, I wrapped it and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

While the dough was resting in the fridge, I thought of the best cream possible for this kind of cake – boiled cream – a classic, so to say. Since I seemed to have ran out of butter, the though about this one really warmed up my heart because IT DID NOT REQUIRE ANY BUTTER AT ALL….

All I had to do is to mix up some eggs (I took 5) with half a liter of milk, a cup of sugar and about 100 g of flour. And yes, I added a little bit of lemon extract to the mixture instead of vanilla. *Of course, you do not mix the ingredients all together at once. Start gradually, mixing eggs with sugar, then add the flour, the extract and the milk. Once I managed to mix them all together, I put them on my stove, stirring all the time till the mixture got thick. Done with that? Perfect! Now it is time for the cream to cool a little!

Having done all this beautiful stuff, I turned to the greatest of works – making layers, just like in Photoshop!

For this, all I needed was just a baking dish and wait for it…my own hands and fingers! Yes, I simply took a baking dish, (just don’t forget to heat up your oven up to 180-190 C before that) put a baking sheet on it, sprinkled a little bit of flour on it, sprinkled a little  on the dough itself as well as on my fingers, and got working! I managed to spread the dough along the baking sheet. Afterwards, the only scenario left to play was to make some holes in the dough with a fork all around the circumference and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes, until the color changes to golden.

But, I did not rest! While the dough was in the over, I turned to dicing, chopping and cutting. This all seemed as nothing in comparison to what I have done so far. Slicing dried apricots and crushing nuts, I found myself getting too much into the process, but, there is never too much of that stuff, isn’t there? Especially, if it all turns into a beautiful cake after! Dicing, slicing, chopping…making sure that my layers are also ready and not burned! * I think I proved to myself once more that I can multitask perfectly.

All in all, the end result: 3 layers of cake which I generously covered with cream, and couldn’t wait to sprinkle each with pieces of dried apricots and nuts (by the way, if I did not mention this before, any nuts will do, just not the salty ones)

There it was! I can say, that for that day, I have conquered a mountain, maybe even my own Everest! But it was perfect in every way! I just had to let it sit in the fridge (ideally for at least 24 hours)…What happened afterwards is withheld=)