Delicious Brownies

So, not so long ago, I found myself longing for something sweet, but not so crunchy. I asked myself, what can help me overcome my craving? The answer was right under my nose…of course, BROWNIES! N ice, chocolaty, moist inside, good old-fashioned brownies. And, simply because I was tired of baking cakes all the time, I got to work real fast. The important thing is that the recipe is so simple, it does not ask more than 40 minutes of your time.

So, here comes the bride:



Chocolate – 300 g, Butter – 170 g, Sugar – 1.5 cups, Eggs – 4, Flour – 1 3/4 cups, cacao – 3/4 cups, nuts (of any kind, just not the salty ones) – 1 cup.

The Works:

Heat up the baking oven up to 200 C. Lay out the baking sheets on the baking form. Melt the chocolate with the butter (heated bath), stir from time to time. Cool down the mixture for about 20 minutes. Then, simply add eggs and sugar into the chocolate (Important note: the eggs need to be added gradually) Mix all together. Add cacao and flour, stir again. Add the nuts. Lay out the mixture into the baking form, even out. Put into the baking oven for 15 minutes (don’t overdo it, otherwise, you will get the crunchiness inside the cookies.) Pull out of the oven, cool down, and cut into  squares.

Bon Appetit!