Vegetable Soup – The Green Adventure

For those of you who love simple, mood elevating foods…

I remember the first time I prepared this soup…The smile on my sweetheart’s face was very rewarding. *And just to note, although I have been cooking for a while now, then, this smile meant more to me than any kind of compliment. It was the first time I had finally understood that great cooking will be one of my missions in life. To make others happy.

The important thing is, no matter how much of this soup you eat, it does not feel like you have added extra weight. The mix of broccoli and Brussels sprouts surely gives you an unusual feeling of “green” mood. I cannot say that this recipe have been in my family for a while, but I can say this: “I have created it myself!” Of course, and maybe there are variations of it, especially with the age of technology that we now live in, but, each time I would be making it, I would add something new, something of myself, a piece of my soul…So, in that way, it is all me, it is all mine…

You can even say that vegetables are dancing tango, a passionate dance that takes your words away afterwards….

P.S. Anyone who loves cream-soup can also create their own passion.

To illustrate it to you even better, here it comes:


Vegetable stock – about 1 liter, onion – 1, Brussels sprouts – a handful, broccoli – a handful, potatoes – 3-4 medium ones, red beans – a handful, garlic – 4-5 cloves (yes, I like a lot), green onion – nicely diced, parsley, pepper, salt, celery, and last but not least – a handful of mushrooms.

The Works:

Dice and saute your onion. Give it a chance to dance with the vegetable stock afterwards…Then come the sprouts, the little guys

Should look something like this....I also added pees.

Should look something like this….I also added pees.

that don’t want to be cut in pieces, but rather, come to the party piece by piece. AW…Broccoli…This nice lady needs to be prepared, like all of us, to the first date, for example…Slice it nicely, and send her off to the ball…Potatoes also cannot come unprepared, slice them as well into cubes and add to the mix. Those colorful little guys called beans, let them shine through, do not interfere into what they are doing to the soup, bring them as they are to the soup. The green onion, invite it to the party, let it be nicely sliced. Afterwards, mix in the mushrooms, but, firstly, let them have a little gathering of their own, and saute them in a separate pan. Don’t forget to add garlic, also diced into pieces. Of course, saving the best for last, add salt and pepper, those guys really bring out the flavor!

Get the party started, let it cook on small fire for about half hour to 40 minutes, only then, you add parsley. It is like one or two of those people who are always late to a ball. Let it boil for couple more minutes, and Enjoy!

P.S. For this soup, you can also make croutons and then,  feel truly French!

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