Soooo, Almonds and Condensed Milk do make a Pie…What a Time Saver!

Almonds Pie. Where to start? I am a sweet tooth, some say this condition is never-ending. For the last couple of days I had a craving for sweets. Not just any sweets – CONDENSED MILK! Of course there is a myriad of recipes and pies containing this food of the gods. My eyes somewhat concentrated more on pies.

As a companion to my condensed milk pie adventure I chose almonds. It is the simplest nut you can get, and frankly, the cheapest. But, the good news is the pie turns out to be of the same quality as if it was made from hazelnuts. What you get in the end is a world full of sweet, chewy texture with almonds peeking out.

Wanna try? Really, nothing too complicated. All it takes is maybe 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake in the oven. Simple time saver.


For the dough: 1 table spoon of sugar, 2 eggs, 150 gr butter, 1.5-2 cups of flour.

The filling: 1 jar of condensed milk, 250 gr of almonds.

And you are ready to get to work!

The Works

Mix up all the ingredients for the dough. Once done, put all you’ve created with your own hands into a baking form (with high edges), try to make an effort to design high edges for your dough as well. All this is done using your fingers, so don’t be afraid to get dirty! The edges of your dough should get up to 2-3 cm in height.

Done? Nice. Now concentrate on the filling. Now, this one will be done in a matter of seconds, ready? Spread all the almonds evenly on the dough in the form. Proudly open your jar of condensed milk and pour it over the nuts. Again, disperse it evenly over the almonds. Preheat the oven up to 180 degrees C. Put your creation in the oven and wait patiently for about 25 minutes.

Stand up high, you’ve made a Pie! Enjoy a good cup of tea!


Wanna know why an apple is a fruit worth to try? The most simple apple pie you’ll know

How many of you look at an apple and see a delight? An apple is a fruit, but what kind, really? Actually, you can do so much with it. There are cobblers, apple pies, apple cider, apples in sugar, apples mixed with carrots (very healthy, by the way), apples in salads (some of us add apples in potato salad – a very well known Russian trick)

I remember the good old times, when I used to grab my father by the hand, and we would run to the backyard to pick some of the apples off the ground. Afterwards, my grandma would make a nice jar of jam out of it.

Let it all not be forgotten. Let us recall this taste, the one that makes your sugar go nuts, and your eyes widen. I heard someone say once that there are 3 things that bring significance to human evolution: an Adam’s apple, a Newton’s apple, and Steve Job’s apple. Let’s add a regular apple to that list. You’ll see what can be made of it just in one second. The simplest you’ll ever get because pretty much all the ingredients are the same in quantity.

Should I mention, this apple pie has no eggs in it!


Flour 200 gr, semolina 200 gr, sugar 200 gr, apples 450 gr,  baking powder – 1 teaspoon, butter 200 gr, cinnamon 2 teaspoons.

The Works:

The hardest thing that maybe in this recipe is to ground the apples. Not going to open up a discussion, this one might take some time. Otherwise, the recipe looks pretty quick for me. After you do all the grounding, it is time to turn to semolina, flour, baking powder and sugar. Mix all those guys together. Once done with that, take a baking dish, put some butter on it, spread out some of the dry mixture evenly over it. Remember how to work with layers? Put a layer of apples on what you have created on the baking dish. Then again, put some of the dry mixture over it. Do it until you have no space left on the dish.

In this recipe there is no usual place for the butter. The butter goes on top once you’ve finished working with all the layers. Butter should be grounded and cover your creation almost completely. Put your baby in the over for about 20-25 minutes. Wait for it to get some tan, and voila!


You can get this recipe and pictures at (in Russian):

Say big thanks to the baker – Ekaterina Dorohova

Step one

Step one

1525645_576511882431054_182590714_n - Copy

Step three


Step four


Step six

Step five

Step two

Step two

The Beauty of Foodoshop Layers – or how to cream up your life with a cake…

I have to confess something….I tried and tried to find those large shrimps for my upcoming Friday shrimp blast. But, the right ones seemed to have swam away from me…And, oh no, I did not find any…But, why the sadness? – I asked myself. I am sure I will prepare those shrimps someday in the nearest future.

So, I immediately thought of a calming dessert. A cake filled up with cream, dried apricots and nuts. Did I forget to mention – it has LAYERS! This was definitely the thing I was missing. I began my journey to the land of the layers.Image

First, I had to prepare dough. And what better than the dough for the shortcrust pastry?

I took 200 g of butter, 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar2 eggs and a little bit of water. And, I let myself dive into the world of “stickiness”. * I find it best to use your own hands in such situations, not only because it gets quite hard to mix the dough with a spoon, but also, it is he warmth of those hands that turns the food afterwards into a delicious magic.  Have to say that it took me a little while until I got dough with an even texture, but let me just note that it was all worth to wait. As a final step, I wrapped it and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

While the dough was resting in the fridge, I thought of the best cream possible for this kind of cake – boiled cream – a classic, so to say. Since I seemed to have ran out of butter, the though about this one really warmed up my heart because IT DID NOT REQUIRE ANY BUTTER AT ALL….

All I had to do is to mix up some eggs (I took 5) with half a liter of milk, a cup of sugar and about 100 g of flour. And yes, I added a little bit of lemon extract to the mixture instead of vanilla. *Of course, you do not mix the ingredients all together at once. Start gradually, mixing eggs with sugar, then add the flour, the extract and the milk. Once I managed to mix them all together, I put them on my stove, stirring all the time till the mixture got thick. Done with that? Perfect! Now it is time for the cream to cool a little!

Having done all this beautiful stuff, I turned to the greatest of works – making layers, just like in Photoshop!

For this, all I needed was just a baking dish and wait for it…my own hands and fingers! Yes, I simply took a baking dish, (just don’t forget to heat up your oven up to 180-190 C before that) put a baking sheet on it, sprinkled a little bit of flour on it, sprinkled a little  on the dough itself as well as on my fingers, and got working! I managed to spread the dough along the baking sheet. Afterwards, the only scenario left to play was to make some holes in the dough with a fork all around the circumference and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes, until the color changes to golden.

But, I did not rest! While the dough was in the over, I turned to dicing, chopping and cutting. This all seemed as nothing in comparison to what I have done so far. Slicing dried apricots and crushing nuts, I found myself getting too much into the process, but, there is never too much of that stuff, isn’t there? Especially, if it all turns into a beautiful cake after! Dicing, slicing, chopping…making sure that my layers are also ready and not burned! * I think I proved to myself once more that I can multitask perfectly.

All in all, the end result: 3 layers of cake which I generously covered with cream, and couldn’t wait to sprinkle each with pieces of dried apricots and nuts (by the way, if I did not mention this before, any nuts will do, just not the salty ones)

There it was! I can say, that for that day, I have conquered a mountain, maybe even my own Everest! But it was perfect in every way! I just had to let it sit in the fridge (ideally for at least 24 hours)…What happened afterwards is withheld=)

Feeling French…Preparing Crepes

Waking up today I felt an urge to sit outside, enjoy the weather while drinking a nice cup of tea. But, something was

Don't they remind you of France?

Don’t they remind you of France?

missing…Something not too sweet, but still, something that can help me to get connected to France in some way or another.

I went into the kitchen, and, to my great surprise, I found flour, eggs…all you need to make great crepes! Plus, I knew I had guests coming today in the evening, I just had to make a little treat for my awesome friends.


3 eggs, about 1/2 liter milk, 2 table spoons of mayonnaise (mayo actually helps crepes to become fluffier), sugar – 2-4 table spoons, optional to add a tea spoon of vanilla extract (would not make it worse), flour (this one add until you see your mixture becoming a lot like watery sour cream).

The Works:

Mix together eggs, milk, mayonnaise, sugar, vanilla extract. Gradually add in flour. I used mixer to mix all the ingredients, for me, modern technology makes things much easier. While you are mixing, heat up a frying pan on the stove. The pan has to be very hot when you start frying the mixture. When you are done adding all the ingredients, it is time to fry. Add a little bit of oil into the pan. Use a ladle to pour the mixture into the pan. Do not pour a lot of mixture in, for the crepe to be actually very thin. When you pour in the mixture, grab the frying pan and turn it in the air for a little bit, circular movements, the mixture has to be all over the pan, spread it evenly over it.

Let the mixture fry for about 2 minutes (the fire on the stove has to be medium to small), turn over and fry the other side. Once two sides are done, they should have golden color, you are done as well.

Congratulations and Bon Appetit!

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)

I used butter, you actually can you any other ingredient after, like jam=)

Delicious Brownies

So, not so long ago, I found myself longing for something sweet, but not so crunchy. I asked myself, what can help me overcome my craving? The answer was right under my nose…of course, BROWNIES! N ice, chocolaty, moist inside, good old-fashioned brownies. And, simply because I was tired of baking cakes all the time, I got to work real fast. The important thing is that the recipe is so simple, it does not ask more than 40 minutes of your time.

So, here comes the bride:



Chocolate – 300 g, Butter – 170 g, Sugar – 1.5 cups, Eggs – 4, Flour – 1 3/4 cups, cacao – 3/4 cups, nuts (of any kind, just not the salty ones) – 1 cup.

The Works:

Heat up the baking oven up to 200 C. Lay out the baking sheets on the baking form. Melt the chocolate with the butter (heated bath), stir from time to time. Cool down the mixture for about 20 minutes. Then, simply add eggs and sugar into the chocolate (Important note: the eggs need to be added gradually) Mix all together. Add cacao and flour, stir again. Add the nuts. Lay out the mixture into the baking form, even out. Put into the baking oven for 15 minutes (don’t overdo it, otherwise, you will get the crunchiness inside the cookies.) Pull out of the oven, cool down, and cut into  squares.

Bon Appetit!