Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…New Year’s menu from Katya!

Although it is almost half a month till New Years,  I find myself thinking about party meals more and more…These precise thoughts make me actually feel like it is New Years time. I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but in Israel, it’s not just that there is no celebration for this holiday (duh), but there is also no snow. And, all those that have fun on this holiday have to be creative so that they won’t forget what it feels like.  I do value all the Israeli holidays of course, but sometimes I just wish they would celebrate New Year’s as well…

I don’t know how about you but the smell of mandarins and Christmas tree  always enters my mind when I recall all those wonderful holidays we’ve had in Russia as a family. I remember each minute of this very much anticipated holiday. My dad would always bring home a Christmas tree (once we even discovered a nest inside it, what a shame), and my mom would always surprise us with mandarins and some tasty meals. It was always a fun process…We would spend a whole evening just decorating our Christmas tree, laughing simultaneously at our cat, who would always play with every tree decoration we had. Some memorable times….

What I try to do is to make it so those memories would come to life. And, the same as my mom, every New Year’s I cook some of my most (at least I like to think so) delightful meals. I like to keep family traditions flowing. I even decorated a Christmas tree already. And bought some mandarins. What is missing is a plan for what kind of food will appear on the table, and maybe some snow…Because the second will not show itself here (although it would be very interesting to see some snow on palms), I will settle for the plan for the party table.

This year I would like to make an accent on the entrees. More entrees and less huge, space-taking in the tummy meals. The verdict for New Year’s is:

1. Round Tomato Slices with garlic, mozarrella cheese and fresh basil covered in good old-fashioned olive oil.

2. Fried round eggplants covered with mayo and garlic.

3. Stuffed mushrooms with cheese and squash. 

4. Traditional Russian potato salad.

5. Let’s say hello to Russian Mimosa salad. 

6. Home made sandwiches with butter and sardines. 

7. Salmon wrap with lettuce and cream. 

8. Whole chicken done in the oven.

9. Fillet Salamon baked with spices. 

9. Potatoes with yellow peppers and onion,  also in the oven.

10. And of course, something for the sweet tooth, something that I haven’t thought about yet. 

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!


I couldn’t, I just couldn’t pass this one by….

I know this is not exactly edible, but any woman in here will understand me when she sees this. And plus, kitchen is the place here you cook, so it seemed quite important to me to post this today. It turns out that kitchen is the place where I spent most of my free time, and it is of value to me that this place would be magical (as my food is, I like to believe), and most of all comfortable and inspiring to create my beauties in.

Talking about creativity! Anyone cooking in these kind of kitchens will probably get their muses for cooking every second! When I started living away from my parents, one of my dreams was to have a kitchen with an island. Man, how narrow my dreams were. I, for sure, want one of those now. Doesn’t really matter which one, they all look beautiful to me. The mix of modern design and the feeling of being at home. Well, maybe number 5 or 7 would actually fit me in the best way possible. They just seem more cozy.

Look at the one with piano on top. Not bad, huh? Maybe only I would write recipes instead of notes on the wall=) But, it is just me.

The morale of all this: These kind of designs would inspire me to cook even more.

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Have a great Thanksgiving and  Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

These two clashed together this year, huh?

Check it out for yourself:

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My Big Sushi World



So, its 7:40 in the morning, getting ready for work…but, can not stop thinking about my dream tonight. Yes, friends, I actually had a dream about sushi…Interesting, what uncle Froid would say?

What you see up top is my first time making sushi…Have to say big thanks to some friends of mine, who actually helped me to master the art of it. It was a great evening…You know, I discovered that while making sushi, the interactions that people have are binding. Even if something goes wrong, there are laughs and smiles all over the room. And, by the way, we also  made the sauces from mayo and paprika spices. I can say it truly was an authentic experience. Cannot wait to do it again. Sushi

Arivederchi till the next time…