Feel like Designing New Type of Cutlet…

Friday, the day my wheels always seem to start turning. I cannot sit in the same place, my mind resembles a deep abyss.  I myself keep falling into this black hole, trying to fill the void, designing new types of foods, being creative.

This Friday a small idea crawled into my head and, I have to say, my heart as well…Little did I know that this meal will turn into a feast for my stomach. Its not that I suddenly had an urge to become a vegeterian, I was simply willing to create something new, just like that, out of the blue.

I looked at what appears to be lying quite nicely in my kitchen – what caught my eye were the vegetables, the grand variety of them…I asked myself, what can I make? Afterall, I had the mightiest vegetable of all looking at me – brocolli!

What came up was THE RECIPE of all time! New type of cutlets made from brocolli, parsley, dill, mushrooms etc


4-5 mushrooms, 1 kg of brocolli, parsley, dill, feta cheese, 2 eggs, 1/2 cups of flour, salt, pepper.

The Works:

1. Its time to start using your microwave. What I did is I put all the brocolli required into a microwave safe bowl, covered it with a lid, and let it run for its life! For about 10-15 minutes what appeared to be happening is the greatest party I have ever seen, the water (which I poured into the bowl) was dancing heavily together with the brocolli. Afterwards, when everything seemed to be ending, I had one perfectly cooked brocolli. No time wasted with less dishes to wash…

2.  Actually, this step you can perform while you prepare your brocolli. Chop, dice and slice the vegetables you have into a separate bowl. Mix together.

3. Slice cooked brocolli, add into the mix.

4. Add  eggs and flour, salt and pepper. Get powered, mix again.

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5. Look at what you got! Beautiful! Now, all that is left to do is put a frying pan on a high flame, pour in some oil, form little balls and fry them giving it all you have.

You are done! Congrats!


Chicken Breast in Marinade with Cheese, A Dream Come True

You probably figured it out already…For the past several weeks, I’ve been craving chicken and everything there is to do with chicken. Yesterday, I’ve browsed the depths of the Internet in order to find the best marinade there is. I am absolutely positive about the existence of such a recipe. And of course, I’ve achieved the best result possible – I have found, the tastiest one yet! After you marinade, you have several options – either to make it on a grill or in the oven. My choice fell upon the latter. But, knowing myself pretty well, I could not leave it just sitting in the oven without any perks added to it. I wanted for this recipe to evolve, to take in some new colors, to look different and become even more delightful. What is the fastest way to improve a recipe? If you ask me, my advice is to cover your dish in cheese. I am a cheese nut! Actually, this whole past week I have been eating nothing but macaroni and cheese! And I cannot get enough of it. Oh, and of course my favorite, avocado with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt. What I admire about avocado is that after finishing the meal, your stomach does not feel  overwhelmed, even when you absolutely have to eat past 6 pm…. You see, I am so devoured by avocado, I even forgot I am writing about something totally different….So, enough about avocado. Cheese. The best thing about cheese is you can take any kind and melt it, your supper will be good anyway. So, lets dive together in this never ending world of cheese, chicken and the time saving marinade. Gratitude to the one who came up with the idea to marinade chicken using these specific ingredients!


2 kg chicken breast, 5 table spoons of honey, 2.5 tea spoons of paprika, a handful of fresh basil cut nicely, 4 table spoons of olive oil, juice from one lemon, 7 cloves of garlic, black pepper.

The Works:

A 4 step cooking process, and yes, I am telling the truth here….

1. Slice the chicken into medium cubes.

2. Chop the basil and the garlic, mix all the ingredients together with the chicken which you should have put into a bowl or a saucepan by now.

3. Mix everything together well. My advice is to use your hands, that way you’ll get to a better result.

4. Close your bowl with a lid. Put into the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Before covering it with cheese and sending it off into the oven (25-30 minutes), make sure you put in salt.

Quick and easy steps, no time wasted! I personally called this recipe: NO TIME TO WASTE FOR A GREAT TASTE!


And, the mighty process….

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