Wanna know why an apple is a fruit worth to try? The most simple apple pie you’ll know

How many of you look at an apple and see a delight? An apple is a fruit, but what kind, really? Actually, you can do so much with it. There are cobblers, apple pies, apple cider, apples in sugar, apples mixed with carrots (very healthy, by the way), apples in salads (some of us add apples in potato salad – a very well known Russian trick)

I remember the good old times, when I used to grab my father by the hand, and we would run to the backyard to pick some of the apples off the ground. Afterwards, my grandma would make a nice jar of jam out of it.

Let it all not be forgotten. Let us recall this taste, the one that makes your sugar go nuts, and your eyes widen. I heard someone say once that there are 3 things that bring significance to human evolution: an Adam’s apple, a Newton’s apple, and Steve Job’s apple. Let’s add a regular apple to that list. You’ll see what can be made of it just in one second. The simplest you’ll ever get because pretty much all the ingredients are the same in quantity.

Should I mention, this apple pie has no eggs in it!


Flour 200 gr, semolina 200 gr, sugar 200 gr, apples 450 gr,  baking powder – 1 teaspoon, butter 200 gr, cinnamon 2 teaspoons.

The Works:

The hardest thing that maybe in this recipe is to ground the apples. Not going to open up a discussion, this one might take some time. Otherwise, the recipe looks pretty quick for me. After you do all the grounding, it is time to turn to semolina, flour, baking powder and sugar. Mix all those guys together. Once done with that, take a baking dish, put some butter on it, spread out some of the dry mixture evenly over it. Remember how to work with layers? Put a layer of apples on what you have created on the baking dish. Then again, put some of the dry mixture over it. Do it until you have no space left on the dish.

In this recipe there is no usual place for the butter. The butter goes on top once you’ve finished working with all the layers. Butter should be grounded and cover your creation almost completely. Put your baby in the over for about 20-25 minutes. Wait for it to get some tan, and voila!


You can get this recipe and pictures at (in Russian): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.576511749097734.1073742064.345315672217344&type=1

Say big thanks to the baker – Ekaterina Dorohova

Step one

Step one

1525645_576511882431054_182590714_n - Copy

Step three


Step four


Step six

Step five

Step two

Step two


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