Shrimps in White Wine

My Dear readers and visitors! Although, it is been a couple of days since I’ve last written here…

I am proud to say that for this weekend I plan to prepare the greatest snack anyone has ever talked about…Shrimps in White Whine. Amazing turn of events! Promise to provide my personal feedback later on. I heard they go perfectly with beer, and the sauce itself is marvelous. So, let’s say I “patiently” wait for this Friday to come.

Do not know why, but, among other things, my muse is Friday. It is the thought of this particular day that makes me go nuts about food. *One small note, here, in Israel, Friday is when the weekend starts (for some people, including me) Maybe this is what influences me…Suddenly, the atmosphere changes at home, everything turns to warmth. Even when, it seems to rain outside and it gets colder each day.

So, today and for future Friday, I present to you, the greatest recipe of all – Shrimps in White Wine:

Nice, nice, nice

Nice, nice, nice. Simple, anyone can do it!


Up to 1 kg of shrimps (better to take the big ones, does not matter if they are frozen or not), garlic – 4 cloves (even though I plan to put a little bit more), 4 table spoons of olive oil, 1 chili ground chili pepper, 150 ml white wine, lemon juice from half a lemon, lemon pieces for decoration afterwards.

The Works:

All you need is to put a frying pan on the stove, get it very hot, pour in the oil and add garlic cloves. Can you smell happiness? The smells are simply amazing. I automatically feel the presence of Italy when I put garlic in good olive oil, but actually, this recipe is said to be Portugeese. Let the oil absorb the smell of the garlic. I love when those two dance together! Add shrimps and fry them a little, until they change color. Pour in lemon juice, and mix the chili in. Then, comes the bride, the wine. Pour it in also, and wait, lets see how the guests at your party mingle together. Almost forgot, a good dish, cannot go without salt (in my humble opinion)

You can serve these with croutons made from fresh bread, with butter, and do not forget to put little pieces of garlic on the bread also. I can promise you, it will be tasty!

Yours truly,



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