Imagine this…An evening, cold wind blowing outside. You can feel winter coming…Thunderstorm begins, it is about to rain. But all of this does not matter because you feel incredible warmth inside. Your whole family is sitting around the table, laughing. Everyone feels good. Suddenly you smell a perfect mix of spices…nutmeg, cloves, orange….You forget about the cold, it simply does not matter.

This is how I felt a couple of nights ago, when I had this bright idea to prepare a Gluhwein drink. Do you want to feel the same way? If so, there is nothing complex about the following recipe. I encourage you to try it. You simply won’t regret it, and your family as well.


Tasty red wine (best when semi-sweet) – 1 liter, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a little bit of nutmeg, peel from one orange, an apple, a little bit of cloves, 1 table spoon (only if the wine is semi-sweet, but of course, its only me talking) of honey, 1 cup of water.

The Works:

Pour the water into a pot, put it on the smallest gas ring on the stove. Add all the spices to the water – honey, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel. Give the mixture a little time to heat up and fill the water with delicious taste. * By the way the smell in the kitchen will be so nice, it will actually calm you down. Pour in the wine, add sliced apple (small pieces) Heat it up again, using the smallest fire possible, DO NOT LET IT BOIL! * If you are using dry wine, just like I did, it would be nice to add some sugar and mix gradually. (add as much sugar as you like, just taste before you add another spoon of it) Then, pour it into a pitcher (not heat sensitive) and give it a little bit more time. (2-3 minutes)

Actually, it looks even nicer if, when you pour it into a glass, you decorate the glass with a slice of an orange…But of course, it may be just me=)

Enjoy a warm and relaxing evening!


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